An Ending

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All great stories eventually come to an end. I knew I’d have to leave New Orleans one day, I just did not think that when the time came I would be quite so desperate to stay. In two days, I fly to a city in Spain called A Coruña. I’ll spend two months there as a resident at the Museum of Contemporary Art.

Over the next eight weeks, I will research and create a public art project all about transforming mundane sites in our cities into places of wonder through signs, telephone calls, storytelling, sound, and music. It will be immersive and magical and memorable, like stumbling into the pages of a book, or a scene from a movie, before continuing with your day.

In the meantime, I am sat here in my double-shotgun house a short walk from the New Orleans French Quarter, a swinging mix of 1920s and ’30s jazz on the stereo, waiting for the evening to come so I can go dancing, waiting for tomorrow to come so I can pack my bags, and waiting for the day after that so I can fly away for a short while.

This is an ending of sorts, until next year at least. I feel sad to be leaving and happy that, this time at least, I will get to return.

What next?

1. Watch a live feed direct from my favourite New Orleans jazz venue, The Spotted Cat.

2. Learn about A Coruña, my home in Spain for the next two months.

3. See Fats Waller singing ‘Your Feet’s Too Big’, this tune never fails to make me laugh.