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A short and sweet video was just published featuring the Museum of Contemporary Art A Coruña’s 2012 residents. Alongside the video are a series of behind-the-scenes photographs too.

I joined the museum as a resident back in October of 2012, invited there to work on Music for Forgotten Places. It was a strange, blurry, busy time. Rainy days in the cold museum filled with strong coffee, punctuated by moments of solitary meditation, or meals and snack breaks with my fellow residents.

This video and these photos are special to me because they capture the other artists in situ, just as I remember them. Those people, that museum, hold a special place in my heart and I look back on my time there with a fondness.

What next?

1. Watch the video and see the behind-the-scenes photographs

2. Visit the Museum of Contemporary Art (MAC) in A Coruña, Spain

3. Discover Music for Forgotten Places