Chopped & Scrooged

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Christmas came early for me this year. The folks at Asthmatic Kitty invited me to collaborate with a rapper to remix one of the tracks from Sufjan Stevens’ new Christmas album. I really dig Asthmatic Kitty and I’m a big fan of Sufjan, so this is something seriously special for me.

Let’s just break this down in to each component: christmas-themed, Sufjan Stevens remix, rap mix tape. I joined forces with New Orleans native Nicky Da B, who contributed some naughty lyrics to compliment my nice beats.

The rap mix tape, called Chopped & Scrooged, is out now.I’m honoured to appear alongside some seriously talented folk, including Busdriver, Son Lux, Das Racist, and of course Nicky Da B. It’s a great album and it’s free! Listen and download from Pitchfork.