Haïti Chérie

Soundtrack, April 2011
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In response to the devastating earthquake in Haiti on January 12, 2010, Sasha Huber instigated an intervention on the frozen, snow-covered Baltic Sea. A couple of weeks after the quake, dressed in a custom-made jumpsuit in the colors of the Haitian flag, Sasha made snow angels as a symbol of her mourning, the lost lives, her solidarity and hope.

The name of the video, soundtrack and exhibition, Haïti Chérie (My Dear Haiti), was inspired by the traditional creole song written and composed by Dr. Othello Bayard de Cayes, which expresses the Haitian people’s pride in their country and culture. The Haitian community regards it as their second national anthem. Read more at Sasha Huber’s site or watch the video.