Music for Forgotten Places

Public Art, January 2013
Spain & Worldwide

Music for Forgotten Places sends city residents out into their neighborhoods on a strange journey of exploration and discovery. Located at various forgotten sites are small, hand-made wooden signs, each engraved with a title and a phone number. Upon discovering this mysterious object, explorers can call the number and hear a piece of music composed especially for that place.

This project was developed by Oliver during his Artist-in-Residence period at the Museum of Contemporary Art in A Coruña, Spain. As our cities burgeon and thrive, we can become enveloped in the chaos and thrall. In turn we begin to forget the joy of exploration and the thrill of discovery.

This project is a celebration of non-places – a joyful rediscovery of the cities in which we live. By instilling city residents with a sense of place and encouraging them to find their own perspective, Music for Forgotten Places transforms lost locations into landmarks, and introduces curiosity and surprise into our daily lives.

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