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When filmmaker Antonio Diaz traveled to Detroit he met a 20 year old carpenter-cum-tailor who inspired this short film (which features ‘The Oak Settlement’ on the soundtrack). Diaz said, “I quickly realised that there is so much talent in that city with people that work with their hands but the rest of the world never gets to see their work.”

Of course it’s not just carpentry and tailoring that are in decline. Lots of traditional skills and techniques are disappearing. In Finland though, I had the chance to see traditional Finnish skills live on. From preparing intricate delicacies, such as Karjalan Piirakka, and foraging for berries to make jam, to knitting heavy-weight and utterly essential socks for the winter months. There are skills passed down to each generation, taught in schools and by parents and grandparents.

This video is inspiring because it’s a rare thing to see something being made. What’s more, it’s in the USA and that’s damn exciting. To see craftsmanship applied to constructing an object, to watch time pass as someone invests their experience in creating something useful. I want to see more of that.

What next?

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3. Listen to ‘The Oak Settlement’ from the Balloon Suite EP