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When I first found the spring onion it had been chopped down, almost to the root. The rest of it ended up in a salad and this barely two inch rejected portion was headed for the bin.

A few days earlier I’d received a selection of tiny rubber plant pots, called root cups. I decided I would try to re-grow this broken spring onion. I filled the root cup with water, wedged the spring onion in there, and placed it on my window sill.

Almost two weeks later, it is ten inches tall. Each day I notice how it has grown a little since yesterday, and how it has leaned a little more toward the light. My delicate spring onion.

What next?

1. Make a delicious spring onion salad.

2. Use a spring onion root to grow more spring onions.

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A small package from Finland arrived yesterday. Inside were two bags of sweet, soft multi-coloured liquorice. With all of my energy going toward completing my new album, the package’s contents gave me a candy boost and a little reminder of the small joys found in faraway Finland.

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Kinfolk is a publication about small gatherings. One of these small gatherings happened in Oregon and they made a video about it with Pikku Karhu ja Tiikerini as the soundtrack. I’m not in the video but you will see several guitar players, a banjo player, various attractive people, a pear salad, a pipe and a rustic picnic.

One of my favorite things to do is eat: cooking something special and delicious, sharing food with friends, talking with friends about food. There’s some wonderful food here in New Orleans but Kinfolk’s video reminded me of the rustic food I miss from England and Finland: crusty fresh bread, Wensleydale and cranberry, Finnish berry pie and blackberry juice, ale (or even better, home-brewed sahti), salmon soup or sausages cooked on the fire after a summer sauna. I miss all of that.

What next?

1. Read Kinfolk’s magazine, it’s filled with beautiful photography and stories

2. Listen to more music like Pikku Karhu ja Tiikerini

3. Bake a delicious loaf of brown butter banana bread (to be shared with friends!)