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Update: The exhibition soundtrack, Confessional Music, is now available. Listen and download here.

My always inspirational studio-mate at Civic Center, Candy Chang, is off to Las Vegas for a project called Confessions. She’ll construct a thoughtful space for contemplation and respite at a hotel called The Cosmopolitan on the Las Vegas strip.

Visitors to Candy’s space can enter a confession booth and write an anonymous confession on a delicate wooden plaque. The plaque is then hung on the wall of the space, where other visitors can read, explore and contemplate. It’ll be a place for respite from the craziness of Vegas.

Candy invited me to compose a piece of music to soundtrack the space. The recording incorporates the sounds that comfort and bring a sense of safety to both of us: an old Finnish coffee machine, secluded hotel rooms, the voice of a loved one. The end result is something special, a long play 45-minute piece that draws you in and slows you down, setting the tone for a moment of peace and perspective.

You can visit Confessions at The Cosmopolitan from July 19 – August 12, 2012. Gallery hours are Wednesday through Sunday, 6-11pm.

The Cosmopolitan
P3 Studio (3rd Floor)
3708 South Las Vegas Boulevard
Las Vegas, NV 89109

What next?

1. Read more about Confessions on Candy’s site

2. Plan your visit to The Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas