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I am cycling the city. Cruising through San Francisco on a cool evening. Then I am falling, really slowly. And now I am on my back. There is an IV in my arm. The stark hospital lights stave off what would be a warm, welcome sleep with the painkillers. My hip is broken. I am told that for the next couple of months I will not be walking.

In a moment everything can change. You know this already. The question is when that moment comes for you and life pivots some other way, how do you relate to it? This is a whole new experience for me. Painful, emotional, difficult, and absolutely new and just so interesting. I am grateful.


Out in the city we’re celebrating six years together. We turn down a side-street and find a swing attached to a great old tree. I coax her on to it. She is swinging and smiling.

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We are walking a path in the mountains as the fog creeps through the valley below.

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We are visiting The Armory in San Francisco. He is in the cage and the cage is in the floor and he is smiling.

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Sometime at the end of the summer I am riding the train towards San Francisco. It is late afternoon, my head is gently pressed against the window and, as I doze, I sometimes open my eyes just a little to squint at the sun and silhouetted towns passing by.