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Back when we moved to New Orleans, we rented a shotgun house. It was damp, dark and ramshackle. June bugs, which are actually really big, skittish flying cockroaches, would crawl up the kitchen wall. The pool in our backyard had dried out and become home to a colony of red insects.

Beyond the backyard was an alleyway. The walls of the alleyway had been painted with dancing skeletons and giant skulls in top hats. We were told that the alley led to a voodoo temple. At night as we lay in bed, we would sometimes hear the sound of drums.

Just next to the voodoo temple was something called the Music Box. A shanty town of houses rigged with musical tools and toys. We never visited on account of the alley being a little too spooky. This weekend, we finally got tickets to a performance at the Music Box.