The Buzzer

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Somewhere in Russia there’s a radio station broadcasting a single repeating sound. A buzzing. 25 times a minute, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year round. It was first heard around 1982 and for nearly 30 years it buzzed. Incessantly. Until just a few weeks ago, June 5th to be precise, when it stopped.

The really interesting thing about The Buzzer isn’t the buzzing (which, incidentally, has started back up again). The really interesting thing is the way it makes people feel when they hear about it. People get freaked out. Why does this thing exist? What is its purpose? The what and the why hang in the air and become more ominous and incessant than the buzzing itself.

Most people haven’t even heard the station for themselves. The simple notion of such a thing existing is enough cause for discomfort. Reading comments about the station on an Internet message board, somebody called Rockswell concisely summed the matter up, saying, “This makes me feel weird.” It makes me feel weird too.

What next?

1. Listen to a live-stream of station UVB-76 aka The Buzzer.

2. If the live stream link is down, find out more and listen to recordings.